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It was New Year's Eve when Chinese authorities alerted WHO that several cases of an unusual pneumonia appeared in Wuhan. The COVID-19 was still unknown at that time but, in the first months of 2020, its outbreak has infected millions of people, killing (directly or indirectly) hundreds of thousands of them. The panic related to the pandemic distribution of the virus shut down whole regions (in China, Iran, the United States, etc.) and even entire countries (Italy, Spain, Austria, etc.). Although it is not the worst microscopic killer humanity has ever known (for instance, think about the casualties due to the Black Death and the HIV, this coronavirus is already changing our state of mind and impacting on our lifestyle, at a global scale. But its expanding virulence should not be the scariest issue related to this pathogen. COVID-19 is evidently a symptom of how sick of us is Gaia, our planet.

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