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On the Global Reef Expedition—one of the largest coral reef studies in history—the Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation conducted research in the Solomon Islands to map and characterize shallow marine habitats and assess the status of coral reef benthic and fish communities. Working in partnership with local officials and scientists from around the world, the Foundation surveyed reefs in the Western, Isabel, and Temotu Provinces from October 26 through November 24, 2014. The Solomon Islands are made up of numerous archipelagos comprised of uplifted reefal limestone and volcanic islands found within the eastern edge of the Coral Triangle The data collected on the research mission in the Solomon Islands provides important baseline information about the reefs’ benthic and fish communities. The Global Reef Expedition: Solomon Islands Final Report summarizes the Foundation’s findings from this research mission and provides recommendations that can help preserve these coral reefs for generations to come. 

Full Report (Pdf)