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Coral reefs are an incredibly valuable ecosystem. Coral reefs are being degraded worldwide by several reasons such as; human activities, increases in cyclone intensity, climate warming, bleaching and so on. The increasing frequency and severity of anthropogenic impacts throughout the global ocean have an impact on the coral reefs. This worldwide decline of coral reefs calls for an urgent reassessment of current management practices. Coral reefs are important for our world for several reasons. Besides the fact that they are very beautiful and attract tourists, thus they function as a very important income, and they have other benefits for our marine environment and world such as symbioses and a source to finding medicine. In this review we point out the importance, destruction and the recovery of coral. %. Healthy Corals are one of the most valuable ecosystems on earth, the provide a huge income in environmental and economic services, such as coastal protection, tourism and food. Techniques to restore the coral reefs impacted by human disturbance are; salvaging sponges and corals, removing loose debris from the reef, rebuilding three-dimensional (3-D) structures onto leveled-scarified reef surfaces, and transplanting sponges and corals back on the cleared reef surfaces.

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