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The goals of the Jaluit Atoll Environmental Resource Management Plan (ERMP) are to provide all stakeholders with a framework to guide environmental resource management initiatives that will assist the community to maintain healthy marine and terrestrial environments for current and future generations. The options set forth in the ERMP are specifically designed to promote and empower all communities to actively participate in the protection of the atoll’s valuable resources, while allowing for sustainable use. The target audience for this report is the people of Jaluit Atoll and the Government of the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI). This includes Conservation Area Coordinating Committee members (the CACC), the Conservation Area Support Officer (the CASO), Jaluit Atoll Local Government (the JALG) council members, traditional landowners (Iroij and Alabs), all other members of the Jaluit Atoll community, and the RMI Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) who are supporting management activities at Jaluit. Every attempt has been made to ensure that this report is clearly and concisely written. Layman’s terms have been used where possible to simplify difficult issues to provide a resource for use by all and hopefully assist community members to better understand the complex issues facing their environment and it’s management.

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