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Samoa has long recognised the Pacific Ocean as a source of social and economic benefit which has sustained its communities for generations. The ocean remains a primary resource for food and livelihoods that requires responsible stewardship. As a large ocean state, Samoa requires tools, resources and planning to effectively manage its vast ocean area. The Samoa Ocean Strategy (SOS) outlines a pathway towards sustainable management of Samoa’s ocean and marine resources. The Strategy defines prioritized thematic areas that encompass the ecological, cultural and socioeconomic values that Samoans derive from their ocean. To safeguard these values, key problems or threats to the current health status of the ocean are also identified. The Strategy then describes various contributing factors that negatively impact ocean values, and ultimately, identifies integrated management solutions required to reduce impact of the identified threats and advance effective ocean stewardship. The SOS outlines the necessary steps to advance ocean priorities with government and other stakeholders and provides a platform for engagement of all relevant partners and donors, international organisations, private sector, civil society and communities. It is intended that this Strategy will catalyze and inspire cooperative efforts to improve the management of Samoa’s ocean for its communities and their sustainable economic grow.

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