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This report presents the results and recommendations of a Biological Rapid Assessment Programme (BIORAP) carried out in the marine and terrestrial environments of the Vava’u Archipelago, Tonga, from 13 to 28 February 2014. Vava’u lies within the Polynesia−Micronesia Biodiversity Hotspot defined by Conservation International, which includes areas with significant biodiversity that are also highly threatened. The overall purpose of the Vava’u BIORAP was to improve the state of knowledge of marine and terrestrial biodiversity, which in turn provides a scientific basis for the conservation and management of nationally, regionally and globally important ecosystems and biodiversity, including threatened species...We commend all of the individuals and organisations that collaborated to carry out the field survey work and who contributed to this report. SPREP and the Government of Tonga are committed to continue to work together to ensure areas of significant biodiversity and ecosystem value of the Vava’u islands are established, well managed and protected for the long-term benefit of all.

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