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World Heritage Tentative listed site in Papua New Guinea- Report on a review of the sites

In 2006, Papua New Guinea formally nominated seven identified areas for the World Heritage Tentative Listing. To date, none of these areas has been nominated to the World Heritage List. This desktop review examines the seven sites on the Papua New Guinea World Heritage Tentative list and reports on the current knowledge, condition and threats to each of these sites; as well as recommendations made to address identified issues and provide guidance for advancing the "processes of identification, protection, conservation, presentation and rehabilitation of this heritage".

September 22, 2021

Chiefs and traditional authorities of Western Santo have successfully concluded a Custom and Conservation Festival this month...With custom stories, dancing, music, cooking, slow food, agriculture, hunting, handicraft, and tabu histories, the Festival, hosted by Elia community, was the first ever

April 10, 2021

The Erromango Cultural Association has won a UK funded grant through the One Ocean Hub to draw from Erromango’s artistic and cultural heritage to produce contemporary artwork and traditional stories that celebrate the indigenous connection to the ocean...The 10-month Erromango project will also p