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Marine Species Programme webinar

The Pacific Islands Regional Marine Species Programme (2022-2026) is a regional strategy for the cooperative conservation and management of dugongs, marine turtles, whales and dolphins, sharks and rays, and seabirds. The Programme is meant to be a guiding strategy to help Members (and Partners) to identify priorities for action to protect marine species.

November 25, 2022

The Minister for Environment Climate Change Disaster Management and Meteorology Honourable Stanley Festus Sofu,  fully endorses the Ministry’s role as a key implementer in the “Solomon Islands Community Based Coastal and Marine Resources Management Strategy 2021-2025 and the “Nationa

Spatial Use of Marine Resources in a Village: A case study from Qoma, Fiji

Understanding the value of fishers’ Indigenous and Traditional Knowledge (ITK) and of fishers’ spatial use of customary fishing grounds is an important contributing factor to marine resource management. This study investigates and documents ITK of marine resources and the associated spatial knowledge of fishing areas in Qoma, a rural fishing village in Fiji. Using a sex-generational lens, our research combines theory and methods from Participatory Geographic Information Systems and ethnography.

December 7, 2021

Vanuatu stakeholders have convened to discuss the draft document on the country’s marine spatial plan before it can be presented in Parliament for approval next year. Stakeholders from different government departments and non-government organizations met to revisit the 137 page draft document.