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Cadre du Pacifique insulaire 2021-2025 pour la conservation de la nature et les aires protégées

Le nouveau Cadre du Pacifique insulaire 2021-2025 pour la conservation de la nature et les aires protégées a été approuvé lors de la Conférence et, par la suite, lors de la 30e Conférence du PROE en 2021, par 26 États et territoires Membres. Il rend compte de l’urgence d’une action porteuse de transformations face à l’accélération de nombreuses menaces, aussi bien confirmées qu’émergentes, auxquelles sont confrontées la nature et les populations du PacifiqueCall Number: [EL]Physical Description: 63 p. 29 cm

Pacific Islands Framework for Nature Conservation and Protected Areas 2021-2025

This new Pacific islands framework for nature conservation and protected areas 2021-2025 was endorsed during the conference and subsequently at the 30th SPREP Meeting bu 26members countries and territories in 2021. It reflects the urgent need for transformative action in response to the multiple accelerating threats, both established and emerging, that are faced by nature and people ion the Pacific.Call Number: [EL]ISBN/ISSN: 978-982-04-1007-7,978-982-04-1006-0Physical Description: 61 p. 29 cm.

Session 10: Governance that Works for Nature Conservation (Video)

This session will explore three levels of governance: regional, national and interinstitutional. Through concrete examples at each level, the speakers will describe how governance is organized today in the region at different scales, how enforcement is ensured, and what issues are encountered at every level. Ideally, the outcomes of the session should constitute a good base to build guidelines useful to improve the efficiency to stakeholders in charge of nature conservation and protected areas.Call Number: [EL]Physical Description: 1:04:13

Session 4: Our Connection with Nature: Our People at the Center of Nature Conservation Action (Video)

This session will analyze participation in nature conservation in the region through a range of lenses related to good governance (including equity, transparency, and accountability), respect for and incorporation of traditional knowledge, and the extent to which participation can be more effective if people achieve tangible benefits to livelihoods, well-being, and sustainable development.Call Number: [EL]Physical Description: 59:32

Island biodiversity in the Anthropocene

Biodiversity on marine islands is characterized by unique biogeographic. phylogenetic and functional characteristics. Island hold a disproportionate amount of the world's biodiversity, and they have also experienced a disproportionate loss of it.Common folders - - tobedeletedonemonthlycycle - IS4Mira - Doc-To-Load - 200706_Doc to LoadCall Number: [EL]Physical Description: 30 p.