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Avoiding the Misuse of other Effective Area-based Conservation measures in the wake of the Blue Economy

Other effective area-based conservation measures (OECMs) represent unique opportunities to help achieve the 2030 biodiversity conservation agenda. However, potential misuse by governments and economic sectors could compromise the outcome of these conservation efforts. Here, we propose three ways to ensure that the application of OECMs toward meeting biodiversity targets provide benefits for both people and nature.

Full Paper (Pdf)

OECMs Site-Level Assessment Tool

This site-level assessment tool enables users to determine if an individual site qualifies as an ‘other effective area-based conservation measure’ (OECM) by assessing it against the CBD definition and criteria (CBD decision 14/8) and IUCN guidance. The tool is an annex to the IUCN-WCPA Technical Report on OECMs which includes definitions and explanations of how the CBD criteria are linked to the criteria in this tool.

OECMs Site-Level Assessment Tool