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A Management and Adaptation Planning Guide for Natural Resource Managers. 2006. Pacific Islands Managed and Protected Areas Community (PIPMPAC) Document.

This document provides a step-by-step guide for Marine Managed Area management planning. However, given recent interest in incorporating climate change adaptation concepts into existing planning processes, this guidance has been updated to include guidance on understanding climate change impacts and including adaptation in the planning process.

The document is ideally suited for the Pacific Islands context and for working with a community to develop a management plan. It goes through all the steps of developing a management plan and provides an outline of the contents of an effective management and adaptation plan. The seven major steps are:

  1. getting organized;
  2. orienting the community;
  3. where are we now?;
  4. where do we want to go?;
  5. how will we get there?;
  6. let’s make it happen!;
  7. how are we doing? (monitoring and adaptive management). 

Each activity is described in detail and a sample worksheet included