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This document is a guide along the path to realizing Target 3 of the KMGBF. It guides us through the text of the Target itself, breaking down all of the elements and, perhaps most importantly, it is loaded with links to more details. The path it offers leads to effective implementation through equitable and human rights-based action. It is a big guide for a big job. The development of this guide is a small example of the kind of cooperation and hard work that we need to succeed in Target 3. It began with weeks of consultations and discussions with a host of experts, all before a single word was written. Guided by an advisory group of six organizations, a five-member editorial team developed a rough draft, then shared it widely – twice – ultimately incorporating more than 2,000 comments. The result of this crowd-sourced effort is before you. We hope it helps you on your path to 30x30. We all have a huge challenge before us, and not much time. But – together – we can do it, we must do it “…to put nature on a path to recovery for the benefit of people and planet.”

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