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Govan H. 2009. SPC Traditional Marine Resource Management and Knowledge Information Bulletin #25

This article is based on Govan’s 2009 paper, Status and Potential of Locally Managed Marine Areas in the South Pacific. It discusses the widespread acceptance of LMMAs throughout many of the Pacific Islands, and briefly outlines the benefits for communities. However, it highlights the limitations of LMMAs if not managed in the wider context of integrated coastal management.

Govan discusses a variety of issues that are pertinent to achieving the potential of LMMAs: using customary tenure as a management unit; sizes and constancy of “no-take” zones; achieving ecological networks or representative coverage; integrated resource management as the basis for sustainable livelihoods and conservation; institutional and legal frameworks; meeting international obligations; financial costs of expanding LMMA networks; integrating government support for national LMMA networks; decentralising support for local management; and improving cost effectiveness and sustainable financing.