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This Conservation and Management Plan was the culmination of a community-wide consultation undertaken to review the 20-year old ACMCA Management Plan first endorsed in 1994.The scope of this Plan is dictated by AMP’s status as an established and internationally recognized conservation program that has been operated for more than 20 years to date. With such operational status, this Plan is therefore tailored to meet legal requirements for declaration as a protected area under the new legal regime. To that end, the Plan will build on and, where necessary, address gaps and shortfalls of the 1994-2002 Management Plan as revised in 2002. In a nutshell, the scientific and conservation aspects of ACMCA have been adequately covered in the 1994 Plan appended as Annex 1 to this Plan. 3 The key issues forming the scope of this Plan are (i) legal protection, (ii) future governance, (iii) financial sustainability and (iv) community development. The scope was thus designed to reflect the successes thus far of the conservation objective since inception of the program, and the need to diversify to accommodate changing circumstances and community perceptions.

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