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Fraser, N., B. Crawford, and J. Kusen. 2000. Best Practices Guide for Crown of Thorns Clean-Ups. Proyek Pesisir Special Publication. Coastal Resources Center, Coastal Management Report #2225. University of Rhode Island, Narragansett, Rhode Island.

These guidelines present background information on Crown of Thorns (COTS) including morphology, behaviour, defence and life-cycle information. They then discusses how to ascertain whether or not you have an outbreak and when to initiate clean-up activities.

Clean-up methods described are: removal and burial ashore (preferred); poison injection; underwater fences; cut-up and bounty programmes. Advice is also provided on who to include in activities and how to initiate programmes.

Several Pacific Islands have experienced COTs outbreaks in recent years and this handbook would be useful reading for any managers in affected countries.