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Fernandes, L, Green, A., Tanzer, J., White, A., Alino,P.M., Jompa, J., Lokani, P., Soemodinoto,A., Knight, M., Pomeroy, B., Possingham, H., Pressey, B. 2012.  Biophysical Principles for Designing Resilient Networks of Marine Protected Areas to Integrate Fisheries Biodiversity and Climate Change Objectives in The Coral Triangle. Report prepared by The Nature Conservancy for the Coral Triangle Support Partnership.

As the basis for the previous reference (above), this technical paper provides much of the scientific rationale behind the 15 principles. For example, scientific rationale behind the guidance on size, spacing, shape and location of marine protected areas (MPAs) is presented along with many accompanying references. This paper was written for the Coral Triangle with the aim of informing plans and opportunities to establish, or improve upon, MPA networks so that they more directly address the issues of food security, livelihoods and long-term sustainability of marine and coastal resource use in the Coral Triangle.

For those interested in understanding the scientific basis for advice given to MPA managers and wanting to apply and ecosystem-based approach, this is a very useful document.