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Roberts, C.M. and J.P. Hawkins. 2000. Fully-Protected Marine Reserves: a Guide. WWF Endangered Seas Campaign, Washington, DC 20037, USA and Environment Department, University of York, York, UK.

This document is divided into a number of chapters, each answering a fundamental question about no-take marine protected areas (MPAs). Thirteen case studies are also presented. Although none are from the Pacific Islands, one is from New Zealand and several are from Tasmania. The scientific information provided in this guide could be adapted for presentation to communities when working to develop fully protected areas.

This document is lengthy and technical but at the end of each chapter is a useful summary of the key points. It would be useful background reading for a Government or Non-Government staff member who advises communities and outreach workers on the technical aspects of MPA design. Towards the end of the document (page 78) is a set of key lessons for the creation of effective marine reserves.