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Borrini-Feyerabend, G., Dudley, N. Jaeger, T., Lassen, B., Pathak Broome, N., Phillips, A. and Sandwith, T. 2013. Governance of Protected Areas: From Understanding to Action. Best Practice Protected Area Guidelines Series No. 20, Gland, Switzerland.

This publication aims to enhance governance capacities for the world’s protected area systems. Part 1 provides a guide, with examples and explanation to the four different protected area governance types and to the set of principles of good governance recognised by the IUCN.  Part 2 offers practical guidance on assessing, evaluating and improving governance for a given system or site. Box 11 in page 53 discusses the issue of whether LMMAs (common in the Pacific Islands) can fit the IUCN definition of ‘protected area’.