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Ervin, J., P. Butler, L. Wilkinson, M. Piper and S. Watkins. 2010. Inspiring Support and Commitment for Protected Areas through Communication, Education and Public Awareness Programs: A Quick Guide for Protected Area Practitioners. Quick Guide Series, J. Ervin ed. Arlington, VA: Rare Conservation.

This 30-page handbook provides concise information on seven steps that can be undertaken to attempt to create sustainable behaviour change in a target population. It is introduced with the CBD’s Programme of Work on Protected Areas in mind.

The seven steps include:

  1. understanding societal and conservation context;
  2. changing knowledge and attitudes;
  3. changing social norms, values, perceptions, and conversations;
  4. removing barriers and creating incentives;
  5. motivating positive actions;
  6. sustaining behaviour change over time
  7. assessing and monitoring the impacts of behaviour change.