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Hodgson, G., Hill, J., Kiene, W., Maun, L., Mihaly, J., Liebeler, J., Shuman, C. and Torres, R. 2006. Instruction Manual A Guide to Reef Check Monitoring.  Reef Check Foundation, Pacific Palisades, California, USA

Reef Check is the most widely used coral reef monitoring protocol. The techniques are simple to learn and the data are scientifically robust. The method and uses indicator specie for the Indo-Pacific region.  The Instruction Manual provides all the information necessary for Reef Check teams to carry out coral reef monitoring using the standard Reef Check protocol, including photos of all indicator species for the different regions along with data sheets. In addition to providing a baseline for on-going monitoring in coral reef areas, the data can also be submitted to Reef Check for storage and comparison internationally.  In addition to this manual, there are a variety of training materials available including PowerPoint presentations and identification tests, and an instructional video/DVD that should be used during training.