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Kronen, M., Stacey, N., Holland, P., Magron, F., Power, M. 2007. Socioeconomic Fisheries Surveys in Pacific Islands: a Manual for the Collection of a Minimum  Dataset. SPC, Noumea, New Caledonia.  

This manual is intended for anyone involved in data collection, data analysis and the development, implementation and monitoring of coastal fisheries management strategies or measures. The major objective of the manual is to provide a tool that assists fisheries authorities and others in the Pacific region to obtain data that supports informed management decision-making aimed at sustainable, effective and equitable use of reef and lagoon resources.

The first two sections provide general information on carrying out socioeconomic assessments, what preparations to make and how to use a robust methodology. The third section is much more detailed and requires access to custom designed software called SEMCoS which can be downloaded from the SPC website. Examples are provided from an imaginary Pacific location and each demonstration analysis is presented along with the rationale behind the indicator, the data needed to answer such indicators and expected results. There are also hints on interpreting the data.