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Govan, H, Aalbersberg, W., Tawake, A. and Parks, J.E. 2008.  The Locally-Managed Marine Area Network (LMMA)

This paper is designed primarily for coastal community members, leaders and supporting partner organizations to gain the knowledge and skills that they need to establish a successful locally-managed marine area (LMMA) with community-based adaptive management (CBAM).

The four phases are thoroughly explained:

  1. initial assessment;
  2. LMMA design and planning;
  3. implementation of CBAM;
  4. ongoing CBAM

The paper is appropriate for people who are members of the community or highly familiar with it and has already been used in countries where LMMAs are established.

The manual contains hints for facilitators and useful pointers. There are many exercises for the community prior to and during the establishment of the LMMA with examples for each. There is also detailed and useful information on how to set up no-take areas, followed by information on biological monitoring. This manual is helpful to anyone wishing a better understanding of how to carry out effective community-based management of the coastal area and many of the activities could also be adapted for different situations.