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State of Conservation in Oceania - Regional Report

This report assesses the overall state of conservation in the Pacific Islands region of Oceania, that is, the 21 countries and territories covered by SPREP plus Pitcairn Island (see Figure i.1). The report uses an analysis of 16 indicators chosen in consultation with SPREP and based on the Global Biodiversity Indicator project ( The indicators used are those considered to best provide an overview of the key issues facing conservation in Oceania, whilst recognising the need to use indicators for which a reasonable amount of information was thought to be available. The indicators provide information about the state of ecosystems and species, pressures acting upon these ecosystems and species, and what action is being taken to halt further loss or degradation and improve long-term sustainability.

State of Conservation in Oceania - Key Findings


Key findings from a comprehensive regional report on the state of conservation in 22 countries and territories of the Pacific islands